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Eternal Spring by sculptin Eternal Spring by sculptin
I created this stone installation for a themed group art show called "Art Beyond Beauty: Hope in the 21st Century" at the Legacy Gallery in Victoria BC

Water is the theme of this piece. Inspired by my trip to Japan, and the cultural and ceremonial aspects of water i witnessed.
3 ft tll, by 4x4
Materials:Vancouver Island marble, alabaster, Copper. Bamboo
Basically this sculpture is a human powered fountain. The viewer interacts with the sculpture by taking the Japanese Tea Ceremonial Ladle and filling the cup with water from the Copper Bowl. The viewer then splashes the water over top of the Alabaster Waterfall/Glacier. That water runs down the stone, into the Marble Basin and then pours back into the Copper Bowl. Viewers say the act is meditative.
Here is a deviation of me pouring the water..[link]

The alabaster is carved on both sides, one side represents waterfalls, the other resembles a glacier. Alabaster degrades with water, so every time water is poured on it, it dissolves, very slowly. This piece has been outside in the elements for a few years now and the alabaster is now all crystallized and rough.
The Basin is made from Vancouver Island Marble and is dished and polished inside. I left the outer sides and bottom rough. The two stones supporting the alabaster are also made from VI marble.
The Pillar of Seasons, made from Vancouver Island Marble is roughly carved on all four sides, each depicting water in different seasons. The Summer side has lazy horizontal lines representing a pool of calm water, the Autumn side is a dried oak leaf, the Winter has driving snow etched into the surface, and Spring has pouring rain.
The stone supporting the Copper Bowl is VI marble, and has a hole drilled in it to hold the Ceremonial Ladle.
The two Stepping Stones are granite tiles from an old Belgian castle, and the rocks surrounding are all chips of marble off made from carving the piece.
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bear48 Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Professional
this is exquisite
GriffinsJoy Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow, very lovely! :)
3feathers Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Professional Photographer
What a wonderful sculpture. The more I see of your work the more convinced I am that I need to have one of your pieces in my life. On occasion I design koi and lily ponds for clients as well as doing estate gardens when I have the time. I can see your work installed in gardens in my mind's eye and in the right kind of garden. The next project I work on I'll give you a shout.
sculptin Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
please do!
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